Crown Reduction Services

Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning and Crown Lifting Services Covering Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire and Surrounding Areas

Crown Reduction, Thinning and Lifting Services From Tree Wise Men

Crown reduction is a technique where we carefully trim branches from the top and sides of a tree to maintain its natural shape, especially in restricted spaces. Essentially, it’s a more sophisticated way of pruning.

During a crown reduction, we pay extra attention to removing hazardous deadwood and overlapping branches. This lowers the risk of infection from pathogens and diseases and ensures the tree regains a secure and well-balanced shape.

No tree is too big or small for a crown reduction! Our team is qualified and experienced in carrying out this procedure safely on trees of all sizes. Regardless of your tree’s height, we can skilfully reduce its size while maintaining its beauty.

If you require our crown reduction, thinning or lifting services you can contact us on the details below or complete the form and we will be in touch as soon as we are able. If it is an emergency job please let us know so we can prioritise the work.

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Crown Reductions

What to Expect From Tree Wise Men

Our team of arborists is not only trained and experienced but also well-presented. We take pride in our professionalism and are dedicated to providing top-quality tree care services. With a friendly and informative approach, we’re here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

  • No job is too big or small
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Trained, experienced & well-presented tree surgeons
  • 5* customer feedback
  • Minimal disruption
  • High standards of workmanship
Crown Reductions

Why Choose Tree Wise Men?

When having any work done in your garden or property, you need to know the people doing the work are up to the job. Here at Tree Wise Men, we take our work very seriously, fully comply with local and national laws and regulations concerning Tree Surgery, including BS3998 (British Standards) and are fully insured for our work. We have more than ten years of experience as tree surgery and arboricultural specialists, developing a reputation as one of the most friendly and professional tree care companies in the area.
We aim to keep disruption to a minimum for our customers and hold our team and work to very high standards. This ensures every customer gets the tree services they need without any stress or fuss. This is backed by the 5-star reviews our customers leave for us on Google and other independent review sites. 

Sean removed 2 very large trees for me in my garden in Luton. He was able to get me a quote quickly and was very reasonable. I don’t think you will find anyone who can do these works more cost efficiently. Works were done quickly and the garden left in a tidy state after all the messy work carried out. I would highly recommend Sean and would definitely use again.

Paul Barber | Google Review

I was very impressed with Sean from the very beginning, he advised us straight away on the best way forward to reduce our trees helping us gain more light into our conservatory. It was left very tidy after they had finished, and Sean and his team were extremely friendly throughout, worth every penny! Would definitely use again !

Charlotte Trusselle | Google Review

Crown Reduction, Thinning and Lifting Services

Tree Wise Men provide our services throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire, including: 

  • Luton
  • Harpenden
  • Dunstable
  • Hitchin
  • St. Albans
  • Milton Keynes
  • Stevenage
  • Leighton Buzzard
  • Bedford
  • Berkhamsted

If you do not see your town or area listed, get in touch; we may still be able to help you with your tree surgery needs! 

Crown Reductions

Crown Reduction FAQs

Crown reduction is a tree care technique that involves carefully trimming branches from the top and sides of a tree. The aim is to maintain the tree’s natural shape, especially when it’s growing in a limited space. In simpler terms, it’s a more advanced form of pruning.

Crown reduction might be needed in a variety of situations. Here are some common instances where this tree care technique comes in handy:

  1. Restricted space: If a tree is growing in a confined area, such as near buildings or power lines, crown reduction helps maintain its natural shape while preventing potential damage or interference.

  2. Overgrown trees: When a tree becomes excessively large or dense, crown reduction can help reduce its size and encourage healthy growth.

  3. Safety concerns: If a tree has dead or damaged branches, crown reduction can remove these hazards and restore the tree to a balanced and safe condition.

  4. Improved light penetration: Crown reduction can increase sunlight penetration to the surrounding area, benefiting other plants or improving the overall aesthetics of a garden.

  5. Disease prevention: Removing overlapping or crossing branches through crown reduction minimises the risk of disease and infection, promoting the overall health of the tree.

If you’re unsure whether your tree requires crown reduction, our friendly and informative team of experts is here to provide guidance and advice tailored to your specific situation.

While it’s not legally required to use a professional for crown reduction, it’s highly recommended to do so.

The best time to carry out crown reduction on a deciduous tree is winter. This is because it will have no leaves, which makes the whole procedure safer and more accurate. Of course, there are times when crown reduction will need to be carried out when a tree is in leaf.